The blog gets quiet as the campaign rolls along

As you likely know, I announced my candidacy for the Milwaukee County Board on November 3. And that is the predominant reason I’ve been quiet on the blog front. Perhaps if I had one of those newfangled “smart phone” thingamajiggers, I could blog while knocking on doors. But that almost defeats the purpose. (I can see it now: “Hi, I’m Jason Ha– oh, hang on, somebody commented.”)

Long-time readers of my blog — I know one person has been reading me since I started blogging in 1996 — know that I sometimes prefer to view the world through a long-term perspective. Such a prediction almost runs against the everything-is-instant mindset of so many blogs. But I think it’s a useful skill to have.

For instance, as the structure of the county board, and quite possibly the county government as a whole, will be changing in the next two years, critical thinking and broad, long views will be quite important. A lot is at stake. The county has a few thousand employees, but it makes it possible for tens of thousands of Milwaukeeans to get to work in a day. Even more have had a higher quality of life thanks to the steady functioning of the government. And yet there has been a decided push against having the government operate in a normal manner. The reasons for that should be discussed, perhaps in another forum. Suffice to say I am now more interested in helping ensure this steady function than in microanalyzing the origins of the anti-government air-apparent.

That’s why I’m doing doors, meeting my neighbors. It’s been a fantastic experience. Perhaps some day I could blog about it.


Political revelations: Wall drops out of U.S. Senate race; Colón not seeking reelection; Plale to have a challenger?

I know I’d said “no politics till Monday” or something like that, but this stuff you just can’t overlook. A statement from the Feingold campaign saying something about Wall dropping out of the race landed in my inbox. A quick call confirmed that Terrence Wall is quitting the race against Senator Feingold. Here’s the WisPolitics story.

Notable language in the fourth paragraph: “Wall has struggled to gain traction in the race amid questions about the amount of personal taxes he’s paid in Wisconsin […].” Lefty bloggers can take credit for making that the first thing out of people’s mouths when Wall’s candidacy was mentioned.

Let’s hope Ron Johnson’s paid his.

Second, Journal Sentinel is reporting that state Rep. Pedro Colón will not be running for reelection. He is the state’s first elected official who happens to be Hispanic. (Didn’t know that; cool.) I wish him luck with whatever he does next.

Third, the estimable Dan Cody broke word that my state senator Jeff Plale may face a strong challenger in the form of Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson. Chris won a seat on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisor in the 2007-08 election cycle, which is the same race that I was in. While we were technically “opponents” in the primary, our stances were virtually identical. When he resoundingly won the primary, I endorsed him. Supervisor Larson has built a strong reputation in his two years on the Milwaukee County Board. He’d be a terrific senator, and I would enthusiastically support him in that race.