As expected, Walker’s latest county budget is body blow to county workers

County Executive Scott Walker’s latest budget proposal bears no cuts to the parks or transit. That would look bad in an election year. Instead, it tries to force county workers further into a deep hole. The attempt to shaft county workers comes as no surprise. It’s full of dog whistles that Walker’s base will revelContinue reading “As expected, Walker’s latest county budget is body blow to county workers”

Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut

It’s sad when the supposed leader of a government has done so much that a whole web site exists to document his unceasing demolition of the body he’s supposed to lead. But that is the case. The web site has launched, and its contents are quite damning. We’ve known for a long time thatContinue reading “Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut”

Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage

I will quote Milwaukee County First’s reaction to this event: Disaster struck Milwaukee this afternoon as a large section of concrete fell off the side of the parking structure at O’Donnell park. The concrete struck three people, injuring two and killing a fifteen year old boy. The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting that OSHA isContinue reading “Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage”

CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation

Most likely now you’ve heard that my friend and colleague Chris “capper” Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee, has become the subject of an investigation by the District Attorney’s office. Someone, and it’s pretty clear who that is now, had complained that Capper was making blogs posts during work hours during work time. Capper does somethingContinue reading “CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation”

Did Milwaukee County Sponsor AFP Tea Party Rally?

The recent non-grassroots Americans For Prosperity (AFP) “Tea Party” rally in Milwaukee had a number of boring speakers that are not worth mentioning. But this detail is: the Milwaukee County Parks logo appears alongside the AFP logo on a big banner that was made for the rally. See for yourself. It’s on the left sideContinue reading “Did Milwaukee County Sponsor AFP Tea Party Rally?”

Teabaggers turn violent; Joe the Plumber-Contractor [apparently not] in a fight?

What we know for sure is that the non-grassroots Tea Party movement descended upon Milwaukee today and held a rally at a lakefront park. (It could very well have been one that the city’s famous socialist government created.) Among the featured speakers: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who is currently running for Wisconsin governor onContinue reading “Teabaggers turn violent; Joe the Plumber-Contractor [apparently not] in a fight?”