Big, new Asian grocery store reflects Milwaukee’s ever-shifting demographics

While driving to the new Asian supermarket on South 27th Street, I remembered how back in the 1980s, going out for Chinese food seemed like the coolest thing to do. Compared to the predictable fare at any of the fast food places I knew as a kid in the ’80s, getting Chinese food was a veritableContinue reading “Big, new Asian grocery store reflects Milwaukee’s ever-shifting demographics”

Non-shocker of the day: JS endorses Plale

It comes as no surprise that the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board has endorsed incumbent Sen. Jeff Plale.  The board usually endorses incumbents unless they’ve done truly wrong. Plale killing the Clean Energy Jobs Act — which the board says he’s wrong on — was not enough for them to shift their endorsement. They’re very pro-incumbent,Continue reading “Non-shocker of the day: JS endorses Plale”

Milwaukee News Buzz debuts

…and begs for painfully bad pun in this headline… but this is not the Journal Sentinel. Milwaukee News Buzz is a new site from the crew at Milwaukee Magazine. They may be encouraged to read that I’ve learned more about the local scene in thirty seconds of glancing at Milwaukee News Buzz than I usuallyContinue reading “Milwaukee News Buzz debuts”

Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment

Encouraging news came from Tom Daykin’s “Land And Space” blog, which, by the way, is my favorite part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online content. The story ran as a regular article in the print edition, telling us that Dane County property development corporation Gorman & Co. seeks to purchase some forty lots from theContinue reading “Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment”

MJS: “Wall’s tax breaks become campaign fodder”

“Oh, what a place to be, in the service, of the bourgeoisie,” as Iggy Pop once sang. It’s a nice place to be. Gets you out of annoying things like paying taxes. Diana Marrero of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a lengthy story today called Wall’s tax breaks become campaign fodder. Enjoy!

Journal Sentinel edges toward…

It must be hard to be in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newsroom right now. I know it’s been tough at the Capital Times over in Madison, and its bigger cousin the State Journal hasn’t had it much easier. I still remember talking to SJ’s beloved columnist George Hesselberg after his column got iced back inContinue reading “Journal Sentinel edges toward…”

“Prominent local journalist” had affair with police chief

[Formerly entitled “Is it just me, or is a big story about to break?”] [Nov. 19: Dan Bice has another story which is drawing people here. I’m still perplexed as to why he identifies Ms. McBride as a “prominent” local journalist, or why he [the paper] allows linking to coverage on WTMJ-4 without bothering toContinue reading ““Prominent local journalist” had affair with police chief”