Milwaukee’s old manufacturing base at Rockwell takes another body blow

I asked one of the servers at Transfer Pizzeria, “Did you hear about the electrical workers at Rockwell?” “No,” she said. “What’s up?” “They got laid off.” “Oh. That explains why I haven’t seen them in about a month. They used to come in here once a week. They were a great crowd…” • •Continue reading “Milwaukee’s old manufacturing base at Rockwell takes another body blow”

Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage

I will quote Milwaukee County First’s reaction to this event: Disaster struck Milwaukee this afternoon as a large section of concrete fell off the side of the parking structure at O’Donnell park. The concrete struck three people, injuring two and killing a fifteen year old boy. The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting that OSHA isContinue reading “Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage”

South Shore Farmers Market 2010 season begins tomorrow

Many people in and around Milwaukee eagerly await the kick off of the South Shore Farmers Market. The good news is that it starts tomorrow at South Shore Park. It runs from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Former Bay View resident John Manke is so excited about it that he practically invokes Smoove B: “We will haveContinue reading “South Shore Farmers Market 2010 season begins tomorrow”

City of Milwaukee officially supports and maintains an urban garden!

(I have no idea why this has sat as an unpublished draft since 14 August 2009. Here it is at last!) As reported on WUWM this morning, Mayor Barrett was on the radio talking up the City’s vegetable gardens this morning. The Ziedler Municipal Building in downtown Milwaukee, located on Broadway and Kilbourn Avenue justContinue reading “City of Milwaukee officially supports and maintains an urban garden!”

A tale of not two, but three maps

My curiosity piqued a few days ago when I saw this image of two juxtaposed maps over on Folkbum’s blog: What you’re looking at (please correct me if I’m wrong, Jay) on the left is a map of “[Milwaukee] schools with high numbers of poor students [who] perform poorly on tests of academic achievement.” NoteContinue reading “A tale of not two, but three maps”

Planting the gardens for the 2010 growing season

So then, most of our five (or six or seven or…) gardens are now planted. Really, I think I still have a bunch of space in two of my 4×8 foot beds. Maybe even three. I’ve been so pulled away by other things this year that I haven’t given my gardens very much thought. That said, I haveContinue reading “Planting the gardens for the 2010 growing season”

I spent Memorial Day weekend building victory gardens

Here we have it, a map showing a bulk of the sites where we built raised bed gardens on Memorial Day weekend in 2009 and 2010. The blue and green sites are from 2009, and the purplish ones are this year’s. A majority are located in the north side central city areas. Some of theContinue reading “I spent Memorial Day weekend building victory gardens”

An idea for spurring Park East development

As Dan Cody noted, the tracts of land in the Park East area just north of Downtown that are owned by the City of Milwaukee have been developed, and are producing property tax revenue. Specifically, they are the Flat Iron condos, aLoft Hotel, and the North End condos. According to the Department of City Development,Continue reading “An idea for spurring Park East development”

Milwaukee’s urban fish farm makes the Wall Street Journal

It’s encouraging that the effort at Sweet Water Organics seem to be paying off, as the Wall Street Journal is the latest and perhaps most widely-read media body to report on it. Their story ran in today’s issue, which is available online here. It’s been a while since I’ve been inside Sweet Water, but IContinue reading “Milwaukee’s urban fish farm makes the Wall Street Journal”

Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden

I just found this video. Most of it is of our truly great leader Melissa Tashjian describing what’s going to go on with the big community garden that we built on Saturday. It’s all true, and relevant. I found that in the first twelve seconds of the video, you can see the garden after manyContinue reading “Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden”