Another day, another raised bed built

The curious thing about that headline is the implied equation or ratio contained within it, which is one day:one raised bed. Going back in time, that presents a problem. On Wednesday, I built no raised beds. (But we did plan to build several dozen more. Does that count?) But on Tuesday, I built two deContinue reading “Another day, another raised bed built”

2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!

No rest for the gleeful gardeners among us. Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the Victory Garden Initiative got to work all across the greater Milwaukee area and created over two thousand square feet of new garden space. At out house along, six 4×8′ raised beds were built, and our neighbor was so excited thatContinue reading “2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!”

The gardens, they are built!

As I wrote yesterday, we turned an empty lot into a very big community gaden today! All but a few of perhaps one hundred and five beds have been built and filled with compost and soil! Pictures (mine anyway) will follow within 24 hours. Here are some already on Flikr [with more in another account]:Continue reading “The gardens, they are built!”

Tomorrow, we turn an empty lot into a huge community garden!

Building 110 garden beds, moving a few gazillion cubic yards of soil, then partying till we fall over? Yes we can! For tomorrow morning, the rain will stop, the clouds will part, and the people of the south side will come together for building the greatest community garden Bay View has ever seen! Eleven palletsContinue reading “Tomorrow, we turn an empty lot into a huge community garden!”

Sometimes, it’s good to see the future.

Sometimes I think I can foresee the future a bit. Sometimes, it’s bad, like when someone’s going to befall tragedy. (Hate it when that happens to me). But sometimes, it’s for things like the grand new community garden we’re going to build on May 1st. A year and ten days ago, this entry ran in my columnContinue reading “Sometimes, it’s good to see the future.”

Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport

This probably doesn’t mean that much to most of you, but it’s curious to me. As noted in Tom Daykin’s “Land and Space” blog on 30 March 2010, the packaging company Chryspac “has signed a lease for 33,000 square feet at a building at 130 W. Edgerton Ave…” That is just south of Layton andContinue reading “Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport”

Alterra coming to Bay View? Public meeting on Monday.

Apparently so. They have plans for it and everything. They plan to use the currently empty (and, frankly, unattractive) bank building at the corner of Lincoln and KK as a bakery and cafe. The Bay View Compass has a lengthy article on this. It’s fitting that we’ll be getting an Alterra here. We joked inContinue reading “Alterra coming to Bay View? Public meeting on Monday.”

[HideHouseGarden] Access to Water: Applied for.

From the Bay View Hide House Community Garden blog: Q: What’s a community garden without access to water? A: An empty lot. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing that we live in a civilization. And for good or for bad, you know you live in a civilization when you have to apply to get accessContinue reading “[HideHouseGarden] Access to Water: Applied for.”