County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]

The (mostly?) temporary  closure of the Mitchell Park Domes due to safety concerns is old news by now. This is a direct result of the deferred maintenance that has plagued the Milwaukee County Parks System for far too many years now — and I argue deferred maintenance is a direct cause of the tragedy at O’Donnell ParkContinue reading “County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]”

What to do with O’Donnell Park?

When my wife and daughter visited the Milwaukee Art Museum two or three years ago, we chose to park in the ramp at O’Donnell Park. Looking around inside, it made me feel a little uneasy. The dark, dingy air in the ramp and the shoddy-looking concrete all contributed. While I’m not a structural engineer, IContinue reading “What to do with O’Donnell Park?”

Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut

It’s sad when the supposed leader of a government has done so much that a whole web site exists to document his unceasing demolition of the body he’s supposed to lead. But that is the case. The web site has launched, and its contents are quite damning. We’ve known for a long time thatContinue reading “Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut”

Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage

I will quote Milwaukee County First’s reaction to this event: Disaster struck Milwaukee this afternoon as a large section of concrete fell off the side of the parking structure at O’Donnell park. The concrete struck three people, injuring two and killing a fifteen year old boy. The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting that OSHA isContinue reading “Tragedy at O’Donnell Park parking garage”