IT industry and political donations: party, PAC, and individual

Apple, Google and Yahoo are single-handedly undermining America! claims one Michael Reagan*, son of the former president, and pitchman for, a new “all-conservative” email service. The venerable English IT news web site The Register has a breakdown of computer and telecom industry political contributions based on info from the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics’Continue reading “IT industry and political donations: party, PAC, and individual”

Dems, Republicans, should not “clear the field” for preferred candidates

The Capital Times has it right: neither the Dems nor the Repubs should try to “clear the field” for a “favored candidate.” The practice of doing this, which we’ve seen the Republicans do to clear the way for the known unknown Ron Johnson. The Democrats are apparently doing it as well. Case in point isContinue reading “Dems, Republicans, should not “clear the field” for preferred candidates”

The Thompson-Favre meme continues unabated

The great thing about the viral ideas known as memes is that once they’re started, they’re hard to stop. That’s great if you like them. And if it doesn’t mutate (into a malevolent form) as real viruses will do. Regardless, the Tommy Thompson/”BRENT 4EVER” meme has carried itself onto the pages of the Milwaukee JournalContinue reading “The Thompson-Favre meme continues unabated”

“Important local political event” at Wednesday’s Drinking Liberally

This message came via the Drinking Liberally mailing list: Hi folks, this is Jason, your friendly* Drinking Liberally host. This Wednesday will be a significant day in local politics, and it will be a special night at Drinking Liberally as well. Stay tuned! 7:00PM Wednesday 7/15 Sugar Maple 441 E. Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207Continue reading ““Important local political event” at Wednesday’s Drinking Liberally”

Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again

Blogging has changed a lot since 1996, when I first started with it. For one, the word “blog” didn’t exist back then. For second, blogs weren’t yet mastered by anyone but geeks and techies with far too much time on their hands — folks just like my buddy Kent who wrote a custom scripting engineContinue reading “Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again”