Endorsement: Rep. Sinicki for State Assembly

In just a few days, Milwaukee’s south side will have a small but important election on September 9 that will decide who is our representative in the Wisconsin state assembly. Because there are only three candidates in that race, and all of them are running as Democrats, that means whoever wins the primary election willContinue reading “Endorsement: Rep. Sinicki for State Assembly”

Wisc. 20th State Assembly District Candidate Forum on 8/25

Forwarding this along: You are invited to participate in the Holler Park Neighborhood Association L.L.C. 20th State Assembly Candidate Forum to be held August 25th @ 7PM in the Holler Park Lodge (5151 S. 6th Street). We will be conducting H.P.N.A. business from 7-7:20PM with a Candidate Forum to begin immediately after. Christine Sinicki (I),Continue reading “Wisc. 20th State Assembly District Candidate Forum on 8/25”

Two questions for Phil Landowski

Mr. Landowski is a candidate for the state assembly. He is running as a Democrat against incument Rep. Christine Sinicki. [August 25: I have endorsed Rep. Sinicki. She deserves your vote on September 9.] My two questions for you, Mr. Landowski, are: 1. Are you a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin? If so,Continue reading “Two questions for Phil Landowski”

Watching Journal Sentinel’s headlines; Sleazy moves by Tom Reynolds’ PAC

Today’s issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had two stories that stood out to me. The first was on the recently vetoed sales tax referendum. The paper version of MJS gave that a headline atop the Metro section that all but hailed Walker as foreseeing the referendum’s defeat: “Walker Predicts Sales Tax Vote Will Fail.” (I willContinue reading “Watching Journal Sentinel’s headlines; Sleazy moves by Tom Reynolds’ PAC”

Tom Reynolds Comes Creeping Back — Complete With a PAC

Lisa Kaiser at expressmilwaukee.com (née Shepherd Express) brings word that our least-favorite right-wing legislator is trying to make a comeback by way of a political action committee (PAC) called Clean Sweep Wisconsin. Perhaps Reynolds has been emboldened by WMC’s success in placing two of its preferred candidates on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. According to theContinue reading “Tom Reynolds Comes Creeping Back — Complete With a PAC”