Jeff Plale’s money train: Coal, Cable, and WMC load up

Zach W. over at Blogging Blue has a fantastic post that succinctly summarizes what this primary is all about. Plale represents the interests of the coal, cable, and telecommunication giants, not the people of Cudahy, St. Francis, or South Milwaukee. Plale’s telecom deregulation bill opened the way for AT&T to raise rates on its customers.Continue reading “Jeff Plale’s money train: Coal, Cable, and WMC load up”

Who’s on the Wisconsin 2010 ballot?

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has released a list of registered candidates for the fall 2010 election. It’s curious to see who’s on the list as a viable candidate, and who’s not. (This post will be sporadically updated over the weekend to add races not yet listed.) The big race Despite the thankless nature ofContinue reading “Who’s on the Wisconsin 2010 ballot?”

ROJO [hearts] BP

By now it is well known that Republican U.S. Senate candidate and Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson reportedly owns hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in everyone’s favorite oil company, BP. According to financial reports filed Friday, Johnson owns stocks worth between $116,000 and $315,000 in BP. Hopefully he’s happy that the stock is nowContinue reading “ROJO [hearts] BP”

“Don’t let the flag touch the ground.”

Any former Boy Scouts in the audience will remember that as perhaps rule #1 about handling the American flag. It doesn’t touch the ground. It would make sense that someone, then, would know that rule and how it should be applied to campaign rallies. You’d  think the raft of newly awakened hyper-patriots would be especiallyContinue reading ““Don’t let the flag touch the ground.””

Chris Larson kicks off strong challenge to Plale

It’s official! Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson will challenge state Sen. Jeff Plale in the Democratic primary election this September. As Dan Cody wrote,”Chris is an energetic young politician… who has never ran from tough challenges in his two years as a County Supervisor, and I don’t expect him to stop now.” I will vouchContinue reading “Chris Larson kicks off strong challenge to Plale”

Dems, Republicans, should not “clear the field” for preferred candidates

The Capital Times has it right: neither the Dems nor the Repubs should try to “clear the field” for a “favored candidate.” The practice of doing this, which we’ve seen the Republicans do to clear the way for the known unknown Ron Johnson. The Democrats are apparently doing it as well. Case in point isContinue reading “Dems, Republicans, should not “clear the field” for preferred candidates”

Political revelations: Wall drops out of U.S. Senate race; Colón not seeking reelection; Plale to have a challenger?

I know I’d said “no politics till Monday” or something like that, but this stuff you just can’t overlook. A statement from the Feingold campaign saying something about Wall dropping out of the race landed in my inbox. A quick call confirmed that Terrence Wall is quitting the race against Senator Feingold. Here’s the WisPoliticsContinue reading “Political revelations: Wall drops out of U.S. Senate race; Colón not seeking reelection; Plale to have a challenger?”

Dick Leinenkugel out of Wisc. GOP U.S. Senate primary

As famed lefty political seer Zach Dubya whispered through the incense yesterday, former Doyle cabinet member Dick Leinenkugel has dropped out of the Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate primary race. That leaves just two millionaires, and Dave Westlake. We still have not seen Westlake’s financial disclosure forms, so it’s impossible to say whether he is orContinue reading “Dick Leinenkugel out of Wisc. GOP U.S. Senate primary”

Lively debate at last night’s Drinking Liberally

The past few DLs have been very invigorating as we’ve had people with ideas and stances that we don’t automatically agree with. And what a scene we had at last night’s Drinking Liberally! In addition to meeting Congressional candidate Paul Morel, who’s running against Rep. Gwen Moore in the primary, we had the unexpected pleasureContinue reading “Lively debate at last night’s Drinking Liberally”

Ron Johnson runs against Russ, why? ‘Cuz Ron’s rich.

Ron Johnson, the nth Republican candidate to run against Senator Russ Feingold, has revealed the true reason he’s running for office. It’s not to change the world for the better. It’s not to combat some entrenched money-baggers or root out corruption. It’s because he’s rich. This revelation came out on right-wing squaker Charlie Sykes’s show:Continue reading “Ron Johnson runs against Russ, why? ‘Cuz Ron’s rich.”