Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings, Day 6 (10/17/2011)

I took really extensive notes and participated in today’s session. So you might think that i’d have more typed up right now… but I took the notes the old-fashioned way—pen and paper. I’ll go off memory for the more interesting stuff. COUNTY BOARD 2012 BUDGET BLAST: OCTOBER 17, 2011 Milwaukee, WI – The Milwaukee CountyContinue reading “Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings, Day 6 (10/17/2011)”

Scott Walker still wants to privatize Mitchell Field

Bad ideas die hard. Proof of this is the persistence of the idea that privatizing General Mitchell International Airport would somehow be of benefit to Milwaukee County. The idea persists among Milwaukee County’s right-wing believers, chief among them County Executive Scott Walker. By his thinking, through leasing operation of the airport to a third party,Continue reading “Scott Walker still wants to privatize Mitchell Field”