2010 Endorsements

High time i got to this. Let’s make it brief, except when it’s not: U.S. Senate: Russ Feingold As I said previously, in this day and age when so many are hollering about “defending the constitution,” it’s a travesty that people think the one Senator who has stood up for the U.S. Constitution and ourContinue reading “2010 Endorsements”

Great time at Fourth of July parade in Cudahy

The south side city of Cudahy, Wisconsin puts on a fine Fourth of July parade. I had a great time, accompanying state Rep. Christine Sinicki’s convoy, throwing candy to the crowd and wishing folks a happy Fourth. This parade was made a lot easier for me, as the float behind us, which I believe wasContinue reading “Great time at Fourth of July parade in Cudahy”

Wisconsin RTA bill to pass Assembly committee, then Assembly… and what of the state Senate?

Word from Rep. Christine Sinicki is that the Assembly RTA bill will pass committee tomorrow, and should pass the Assembly as well. The real trick, apparently, will be to get it passed in the state Senate. Sen. Jeff Plale, who represents me, sent me a letter saying he’s co=sponsored an RTA bill. (I don’t haveContinue reading “Wisconsin RTA bill to pass Assembly committee, then Assembly… and what of the state Senate?”

A final stand to save Milwaukee parks

The short story is that the Wisconsin State Assembly meets tomorrow to vote on the final state budget, and there are a few ammendments that will be put forward that would remove the sales tax support for our parks. We the people of Milwaukee County voted for that sales tax increase. And it passed! NowContinue reading “A final stand to save Milwaukee parks”

Endorsement: Rep. Sinicki for State Assembly

In just a few days, Milwaukee’s south side will have a small but important election on September 9 that will decide who is our representative in the Wisconsin state assembly. Because there are only three candidates in that race, and all of them are running as Democrats, that means whoever wins the primary election willContinue reading “Endorsement: Rep. Sinicki for State Assembly”

Wisc. 20th State Assembly District Candidate Forum on 8/25

Forwarding this along: You are invited to participate in the Holler Park Neighborhood Association L.L.C. 20th State Assembly Candidate Forum to be held August 25th @ 7PM in the Holler Park Lodge (5151 S. 6th Street). We will be conducting H.P.N.A. business from 7-7:20PM with a Candidate Forum to begin immediately after. Christine Sinicki (I),Continue reading “Wisc. 20th State Assembly District Candidate Forum on 8/25”

Reps. Colón, Sinicki, and Staskunas named Conservation Champions

These three state assembly reps were awarded the highest environmental conservation honors by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Nine other reps and eighteen state senators were also awarded with the honor. Assuming they represent you, this honor should help settle any lingering questions about which incumbent representatives should get your vote in September. TheContinue reading “Reps. Colón, Sinicki, and Staskunas named Conservation Champions”