Planetary Society: “Watching the birth and death of moonlets in Saturn’s F ring”

I remember seeing pictures from the Voyager space probes in National Geographic magazine back in the early 1980s, and wondering what could be out there. What did the rings look like close up? Saturn’s innumerable moons, what would it be like to stand on one, or jump on one? I began absorbing as much informationContinue reading “Planetary Society: “Watching the birth and death of moonlets in Saturn’s F ring””

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: It may be possible!

This makes me think fondly of the Journal of Irreproducable Results. To think, on a different life’s track, I may have become a scientist. Perhaps one that specialized in reanimating dead animals. Let’s face it: any script kiddie with a pair of pliers can put Red Hat on a Compaq, his mom’s toaster, or evenContinue reading “Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: It may be possible!”

Something good came from aboveground nuclear testing?

While puttering about today, I turned on NPR as I so often do, and heard the last words of a story that ended the reporter saying “That would be an unexpected bit of good news inspired by the Cold War atomic tests.” What?! How could anything good have come from the aboveground nuclear tests, muchContinue reading “Something good came from aboveground nuclear testing?”