Statement from Rep. Christine Sinicki on GOP Floor Action

This is a press release from Wisconsin Assembly Representative¬†Christine Sinicki. (Disclosure: Sinicki is my state rep., and¬†I am friends with her and her family. I’ve had beer at their house before. And I will definitely do it again.) Rep. Christine Sinicki issued the following statement regarding the Assembly¬†Republicans adjournment of floor action until Tuesday afterContinue reading “Statement from Rep. Christine Sinicki on GOP Floor Action”

Wisc DOT needs to update its high-speed intercity passenger rail web site

Yyyeah. At the moment, it says: Wisconsin high-speed intercity passenger rail Project overview The development of high-speed intercity passenger rail in the Midwest is part of the proposed Midwest Regional Rail Corridor, a 3,000-mile Midwest passenger rail network radiating from Chicago and serving nine states. On October 2, 2009, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation submittedContinue reading “Wisc DOT needs to update its high-speed intercity passenger rail web site”

This is vat once stunning and totally believable: when inter-city rail was proposed by Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker voted for it –twice. But now that it’s been proposed, if not enacted by Jim Doyle, Tom Barrett, and President Obama — his mortal enemies — he’s against it. Utterly (un)believable. Cindy at Fairly Conservative has theContinue reading

2010 Endorsements

High time i got to this. Let’s make it brief, except when it’s not: U.S. Senate: Russ Feingold As I said previously, in this day and age when so many are hollering about “defending the constitution,” it’s a travesty that people think the one Senator who has stood up for the U.S. Constitution and ourContinue reading “2010 Endorsements”

Foklbum: By the way, capper wasn’t blogging

Another one of Scott Walker’s staffers gets a computer removed from his office for an investigation about actual blogging, if not campaigning, during work hours. That is what Darlene Wink was discovered to be doing. My friend Capper was falsely accused of doing similar things, in what we know was a failed attempt to stopContinue reading “Foklbum: By the way, capper wasn’t blogging”

Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut

It’s sad when the supposed leader of a government has done so much that a whole web site exists to document his unceasing demolition of the body he’s supposed to lead. But that is the case. The web site has launched, and its contents are quite damning. We’ve known for a long time thatContinue reading “Scott Walker Failure Files makes its debut”

CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation

Most likely now you’ve heard that my friend and colleague Chris “capper” Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee, has become the subject of an investigation by the District Attorney’s office. Someone, and it’s pretty clear who that is now, had complained that Capper was making blogs posts during work hours during work time. Capper does somethingContinue reading “CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation”

Walker to laid-off county workers: Ha ha, just kidding!

Yeah, about those layoffs I just gave you… just kidding! Hope that wasn’t too hard on you or your family. Stay classy, Scott! This is likely how we would run Wisconsin state government as well. Tthe governor effects the whole state, not just its most populated corner, so the effect of doing this sort ofContinue reading “Walker to laid-off county workers: Ha ha, just kidding!”