Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake coming to 4/21 Drinking Liberally

Gather round, my lefty folk, come hear the tale of the tea partier who ventured into Milwaukee realm. The one who came, Westlake was his name, and into the land of beer and progressives he roamed. Over taxes and healthcare he groaned, under entitlement and non-discrimination he moaned, when really, there was no threat he’d be disowned. For it’s nothing like what he’d been shown(ed).

(Rest assured we don’t speak in verse at Drinking Liberally. Or anything remotely like it. And it may be telling that this meesage was composed *without* the aid of beer…)

Let me shove aside my rare (rare?) case of bad writing and give you the details:

Drinking Liberally
Wed. April 21, 7-9PM
@ Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee

Special guest Dave Westlake, G.O.P./Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate, who’s hoping to challenge U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in November.

WARNING: A Republican-Tea Party candidate need to be treated gently. Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to them. Do not taunt the candidate. If the candidate begins to emit smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Failure to do so relieves the organizer of Drinking Liberally Milwaukee, and its parent group, Living Liberally, of any and all liability.

Fine print aside, let’s give Dave Westlake a warm welcome. I think this will be a good conversation for all of us. Look at his info at, and bring your questions. This will be good!

Also, I have learned that our host bar Sugar Maple will be having a novelist reading his book live over the PA until 8:15 PM, so we will need to gather in extra-close and respectfully whisper to one another, as if we were holding a service for our saviors Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. After 8:15, we can let ‘im have it.


TOMMY! drives Tea Partiers away from Madison rally

The answer to  Yesterday, I posed the question of how would the benighted tea party crowd react to Tommy Thompson (er, TOMMY!) being the keynote speaker at today’s tea party rally at the state capital in Madison. Do recall that our state’s former Great Leader and former Gee-Dubya Bush Cabinet member is the same man responsible for creating the state’s current budget deficit, the stadium tax, and now will not reveal his lengthy list of lobbying clients.

The answer, in short, ain’t purty. Many are angry that their rally would be used by Thompson as a platform to announce his decision on whether or not to challenge noted reformer and incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in the 2010 election. Dave Westlake, who’s running in the Republican primary for Senate, has labeled himself as a tea partier, said as much in a quote to the Oshkosh Northwestern:

“He’s using a platform that’s supposed to be about rallying around a common cause to reduce the size of government, to lower spending and lower taxes and he’s using it for his own personal announcement,” Westlake said. “He’s not the tea party movement. He’s a big spender and did a lot of things that was the antithesis of what people in the tea party want.”

TOMMY!… the picture-perfect teabagger?

Westlake will be at next week’s Drinking Liberally Milwaukee, by the way.

Cory at Eye on Wisconsin has a much more detailed look at the effect that dear old Tom coming to the tea party would have.

Update: Thompson will NOT run. I’d look to Westlake to try and stage an insurgent campaign from here on out, Wall to give his campaign more money, only to lose, and Leinenkugel could go either way. He’s having as many commitment problems as did TOMMY!

Tommy! to announce U.S. Senate bid… in May?

So then, Tommy!, our former governor and now a star of the Washington D.C. lobbyist scene, has found another way to maximize his exposure: he won’t announce whether or nor he’ll run for the U.S. Senate until the state Republican convention in late May. We have two different takes on this. One is from John Nichols of the Capital Times, the other from Diana Marrero of the Journal Sentinel. Nichols quoted Feingold at an in-person appearance in Madison, communicating Feingold’s readiness to take on Thompson. Marrero, rather than personally quoting Feingold,  quoted from an e-mail from the senator, despite the fact that she could have gone to a Feingold event in Milwaukee on the very same day. She probably would have gotten much the same response. But instead the Journal Sentinel article uses an impersonal line from the e-mail. Out of context, it’s that much harder to understand what Feingold is saying and that much easier to read in whatever you want to. It’s clear that Senator Feingold is ready for a spirited contest.

Are the Republicans?

And what of the tea party inspiration that led David Westlake to don blaze orange and declare his candidacy?

Is the Wisconsin Republicans party going to brush aside the populist Westlake in favor of the hyper-connected and affluent Thompson? And with it, the anger and chaos of the Tea Party movment?


As we know, a U.S. Senate bid by Tommy! would make the lobbyists in D.C. very, very happy. If the tea partiers are so roused to resist corporate interests and backroom dealings, they need to unite against Tommy and make their opposition clear to the Wisconsin G.O.P. Fast.

Teabaggers turn violent; Joe the Plumber-Contractor [apparently not] in a fight?

What we know for sure is that the non-grassroots Tea Party movement descended upon Milwaukee today and held a rally at a lakefront park. (It could very well have been one that the city’s famous socialist government created.) Among the featured speakers: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who is currently running for Wisconsin governor on the Republican ticket; Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is a rabid right-wing man but runs as a Democrat to fool voters (which sadly works); and Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Contractor Plumber.

Apparently a man provoked some of the teabaggers, eventually causing a large group of them — incluing Joe the Unlicensed Plumber — to chase him. What we know for sure is that he was beaten, and that Joe the Unlicensed Plumber may have taken a swing at him. Blogger Renee Crawford saw what happened and provides a detailed report. She writes:

“Then Joe the Plummer joined the tussle. I kid you not. I have no idea his role in it, just that he was IN THE MIDDLE of the crowd. The sheriffs get there, I turn to look at Joe the Plummer and the next thing I know the guy being assaulted by the crowd is bloody on the ground under the knee of two sheriffs and being cuffed. His face was bloody, there was something about a broken camera and I became scared of the crowd who were cheering and congratulating the sheriffs for “doing a great job”…

We will have to wait until the sheriff’s report comes out tomorrow. I can’t help but wonder if our DINO right-wing sheriff will attempt to tamper with the report, or prevent Joe the Contractor Plumber from being listed as an assailant — if he indeed was in on it. I wasn’t there, so I just don’t know.

Also: Joe the not-Plumber is visible for a moment in this video of the arrest. He’s wearing a tan shirt.

I find the comments by the man holding the camcorder quite interesting: “Nothing happened here… he got what he deserved.”

Beating someone you disagree with is acceptable? Having a mob chase him is all right?

Update: JS now says that a fight occurred, but makes absolutely no reference to JTP(C) being involved or even present.

Also: Heartland Holler has video of the tea party mob.