The almost-last garden harvests of 2010: Beans, radishes, and a carrot.

Save for brussels sprouts, the months of October and November mark a close of the growing season for Wisconsin gardeners. (Unless you have a hoop house, but that’s another story. Next year!) (Brussels sprouts are usually the last thing that I bring in. They are not harvested until the day after the first frost. The frostContinue reading “The almost-last garden harvests of 2010: Beans, radishes, and a carrot.”

Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden

This came in via email a moment ago: Hope all is well!!  I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the major beautification plans that are underway for the Bay View Hide House Community Garden.  Teri, from Arts at Large, has coordinated a phenomenal project between Muneer (fabulous artist that did Walnut Way) and TippieContinue reading “Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden”

Work continues on ensuring water access for urban gardens in Milwaukee

The question if if and when Milwaukee Water Works would turn off access to fire hydrants for community gardens has been a very hot topic in Milwaukee’s urban ag scene for some time now. Witness the dozens of people who attended the July 14 meeting (so briefly plugged on here), and subsequent meetings on theContinue reading “Work continues on ensuring water access for urban gardens in Milwaukee”

And this is an “off” year for gardening?

I’ve had a feeling that my home gardens are not doing so well this year. It’s fitting, then, to take a look at what they’ve produced thus far. This is a bunch of spring onions I harvested back in June. I’ve had about seven onions thus far. More recently, I think that one onion plantContinue reading “And this is an “off” year for gardening?”

Fantastic garden salad with homegrown ingredients

The joys of having a community garden or a home garden are proven to you when you sit down to eat what your garden has produced. That happened for me today at dinner, which had a salad made from ingredients that were grown our own back yard. It had: Two Roma tomatoes Three yellow cherryContinue reading “Fantastic garden salad with homegrown ingredients”

Spring onions!

Last year, our neighbor Tina gave us some onion seedlings for our new backyard victory gardens. I planted them, and they grew well. I gave a bunch to Tina, and we enjoyed the rest. After the last one was harvested, I figured they were done, and forgot about them. Then in March or April ofContinue reading “Spring onions!”

Compass coverage of the community’s quick collaboration

The Bay View Compass has produced some great photos and a very enthusiastic article about our new garden. Thanks to Mike Timm for his fine writing and camera work. You can find the article over here. Bonus points if you can find my daughter in not one but two photographs. She’s even in a third,Continue reading “Compass coverage of the community’s quick collaboration”

Getting ready for the Victory Garden Blitz of 2010

The Blitz is coming! The Blitz is coming! And that’s a very good thing. For it’s the Victory Garden Blitz, which will bring home gardens and good food to the people of our Milwaukee world. Before I get into that, a little digression: I’ve spent the past three days pouring over sets of addresses. makingContinue reading “Getting ready for the Victory Garden Blitz of 2010”

The 2nd Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz draws near!

The Victory Garden Blitz is back for another year of garden building and food growing! It was the Blitz that gave us great garden beds at our house, such as these raised beds: With either seeds or seedlings, and a layer of mulch added on top to keep the water in and the weeds out,Continue reading “The 2nd Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz draws near!”

Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden

I just found this video. Most of it is of our truly great leader Melissa Tashjian describing what’s going to go on with the big community garden that we built on Saturday. It’s all true, and relevant. I found that in the first twelve seconds of the video, you can see the garden after manyContinue reading “Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden”