Planting the gardens for the 2010 growing season

So then, most of our five (or six or seven or…) gardens are now planted. Really, I think I still have a bunch of space in two of my 4×8 foot beds. Maybe even three. I’ve been so pulled away by other things this year that I haven’t given my gardens very much thought. That said, I haveContinue reading “Planting the gardens for the 2010 growing season”

Growing Power’s Urban & Small Farm Conference, Sept 10-12, 2010

Thanks to the iconic Sweet Water Organics and Growing Power, Milwaukee is quickly becoming known as a center for urban gardening and urban farming. That’s to say nothing of the numerous community gardens and microfarms that are springing up all around town. Here’s Growing Power’s text about the conference: Come to Milwaukee and help growContinue reading “Growing Power’s Urban & Small Farm Conference, Sept 10-12, 2010”

“Online” farming is just not the same

I’ve seen people at UWM playing this farm game on Facebook on the new kiosk iMacs in the library, even got an invitation or two to play, but promptly ignored them. I don’t have time to waste on this sort of shit when I’ve got important stuff to be doing! The good folks at HomegrownContinue reading ““Online” farming is just not the same”

The almost-final harvest of 2009 is in the house

As mentioned previously, with tbe approaching frost comes the need to bring the last crops in from the gardens, save for the brussels sprouts, carrots, and potatoes. Well, we did that today. We brought in many green tomatoes, broccoli, hot and sweet peppers, more green tomatoes, (tiny) cucumbers, a big batch of beans, and stillContinue reading “The almost-final harvest of 2009 is in the house”