Three redevelopment notes from northside, downtown Milwaukee

Perusing Tom Daykin’s Land and Space blog tonight, these pieces caught my eye: • New King Drive apartment building, food market opening • Everest College wins approval for downtown campus; • New apartments opening at Grand Avenue’s Plankinton building That is in reverse chronological order, but follow in geographical order, north to south. So let’sContinue reading “Three redevelopment notes from northside, downtown Milwaukee”

What to do with O’Donnell Park?

When my wife and daughter visited the Milwaukee Art Museum two or three years ago, we chose to park in the ramp at O’Donnell Park. Looking around inside, it made me feel a little uneasy. The dark, dingy air in the ramp and the shoddy-looking concrete all contributed. While I’m not a structural engineer, IContinue reading “What to do with O’Donnell Park?”

Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden

This came in via email a moment ago: Hope all is well!!  I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the major beautification plans that are underway for the Bay View Hide House Community Garden.  Teri, from Arts at Large, has coordinated a phenomenal project between Muneer (fabulous artist that did Walnut Way) and TippieContinue reading “Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden”

Kansas City, Missouri embraces urban gardening in its Climate Protection Plan

Another draft left over from July or August 2009!) In July 2008, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council adopted an ordinance entitled the Climate Protection Plan, which commits the Missouri side of Kansas City to trying to implement recommendations to reduce greenhouse emissions and increase local food availability.  There is quite a bit about foodContinue reading “Kansas City, Missouri embraces urban gardening in its Climate Protection Plan”

City of Milwaukee officially supports and maintains an urban garden!

(I have no idea why this has sat as an unpublished draft since 14 August 2009. Here it is at last!) As reported on WUWM this morning, Mayor Barrett was on the radio talking up the City’s vegetable gardens this morning. The Ziedler Municipal Building in downtown Milwaukee, located on Broadway and Kilbourn Avenue justContinue reading “City of Milwaukee officially supports and maintains an urban garden!”

An idea for spurring Park East development

As Dan Cody noted, the tracts of land in the Park East area just north of Downtown that are owned by the City of Milwaukee have been developed, and are producing property tax revenue. Specifically, they are the Flat Iron condos, aLoft Hotel, and the North End condos. According to the Department of City Development,Continue reading “An idea for spurring Park East development”

Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport

This probably doesn’t mean that much to most of you, but it’s curious to me. As noted in Tom Daykin’s “Land and Space” blog on 30 March 2010, the packaging company Chryspac “has signed a lease for 33,000 square feet at a building at 130 W. Edgerton Ave…” That is just south of Layton andContinue reading “Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport”

Alterra coming to Bay View? Public meeting on Monday.

Apparently so. They have plans for it and everything. They plan to use the currently empty (and, frankly, unattractive) bank building at the corner of Lincoln and KK as a bakery and cafe. The Bay View Compass has a lengthy article on this. It’s fitting that we’ll be getting an Alterra here. We joked inContinue reading “Alterra coming to Bay View? Public meeting on Monday.”

Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment

Encouraging news came from Tom Daykin’s “Land And Space” blog, which, by the way, is my favorite part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online content. The story ran as a regular article in the print edition, telling us that Dane County property development corporation Gorman & Co. seeks to purchase some forty lots from theContinue reading “Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment”

If you’re old enough to remember Kohl’s Food Stores, you’ll appreciate this.

Yes! I am! Or if you never saw one before but still appreciate seeing what happens to oddly shpaed buildings when their original occupant leaves, you will appreciate the blog The Arch, Repurposed: Old Kohl’s Food Stores. Who wants to race me to see about getting up a picture of the one at about 3318Continue reading “If you’re old enough to remember Kohl’s Food Stores, you’ll appreciate this.”