Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden

This came in via email a moment ago: Hope all is well!!  I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the major beautification plans that are underway for the Bay View Hide House Community Garden.  Teri, from Arts at Large, has coordinated a phenomenal project between Muneer (fabulous artist that did Walnut Way) and TippieContinue reading “Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden”

2010 VGI Blitz to be on Wisconsin Foodie

This just came in from Victory Garden Initiative director Gretchen Mead: I met with the producer of Wisconsin Foodie, Arthur Ircink, today. I’m excited to say that The Blitz will be its own episode of Wisconsin Foodie. Arthur and his crew will be following around Blitz Teams and interviewing people all day.  I hope youContinue reading “2010 VGI Blitz to be on Wisconsin Foodie”

Getting ready for the Victory Garden Blitz of 2010

The Blitz is coming! The Blitz is coming! And that’s a very good thing. For it’s the Victory Garden Blitz, which will bring home gardens and good food to the people of our Milwaukee world. Before I get into that, a little digression: I’ve spent the past three days pouring over sets of addresses. makingContinue reading “Getting ready for the Victory Garden Blitz of 2010”

The 2nd Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz draws near!

The Victory Garden Blitz is back for another year of garden building and food growing! It was the Blitz that gave us great garden beds at our house, such as these raised beds: With either seeds or seedlings, and a layer of mulch added on top to keep the water in and the weeds out,Continue reading “The 2nd Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz draws near!”

2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!

No rest for the gleeful gardeners among us. Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the Victory Garden Initiative got to work all across the greater Milwaukee area and created over two thousand square feet of new garden space. At out house along, six 4×8′ raised beds were built, and our neighbor was so excited thatContinue reading “2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!”

My upcoming appearance on Green Racine

I will be the featured guest on the Green Racine podcast on Monday 1 March at 1 PM CST. This show is hosted by Wayne Clingman from Racine, Wisconsin, and is focused on all things urban gardens, organic (food), and farmers markets. My hour-long appearance will be focused on the Bay View Hide House CommunityContinue reading “My upcoming appearance on Green Racine”

Bay View Community Garden Meeting 6:30PM Tue. Jan. 19 @ Transfer

From the Victory Garden Initiative’s ineffable Bay View mobilizer Melissa Tashjian comes word of the Bay View community garden project, which will be created on the grounds of the Hide House in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. This gardens will be in the currently empty lot that is tucked in the upper-right side of this photograph:Continue reading “Bay View Community Garden Meeting 6:30PM Tue. Jan. 19 @ Transfer”

From the Must-be-doing-something-right Dept.

While one may think that I’d be making a lot more blog posts, what with my graduation from college and my schedule having (momentarily) “opened like to petals of the lotus flower — though not nearly as ‘groovy‘ as that sounds.” Instead, this blog has been kind of inactive for a while. With good reason.Continue reading “From the Must-be-doing-something-right Dept.”

Announcing the Bay View Community Garden

Passing this along. I had eyed this site before, so I’m glad someone is taking the initiative and helping to make it happen. From Melissa Tashjian: I just wanted to reach out and share some news about the new Bay View Community Garden site.  The developers of the Hide House have graciously given us aContinue reading “Announcing the Bay View Community Garden”

Milwaukee suburb struggles with people doing what they want in their yard

The village of Shorewood is the northeastern portion of iron ring of suburbs that box in the city of Milwaukee. It prides itself on having a respectable standard of living, and is sometimes referred to as a bohemian suburb, if such a thing could exist. Never mind that Shorewood is poised above the  bohemian (“troubled”)Continue reading “Milwaukee suburb struggles with people doing what they want in their yard”