Work continues on ensuring water access for urban gardens in Milwaukee

The question if if and when Milwaukee Water Works would turn off access to fire hydrants for community gardens has been a very hot topic in Milwaukee’s urban ag scene for some time now. Witness the dozens of people who attended the July 14 meeting (so briefly plugged on here), and subsequent meetings on theContinue reading “Work continues on ensuring water access for urban gardens in Milwaukee”

Water access strategies for community gardens meeting 6pm tonight

The vitals: Water Access Strategies for Community Gardens Meeting 6pm Tonight (Wednesday, August 11th) Independence First 540 S. First St. How will we create sustainable, long term solutions to ensure access to water for urban agriculture? Who pays for water for community gardens? What are the strategies to harvest rainwater for gardens? Wanna help?

[HideHouseGarden] Access to Water: Applied for.

From the Bay View Hide House Community Garden blog: Q: What’s a community garden without access to water? A: An empty lot. Generally speaking, it’s a good thing that we live in a civilization. And for good or for bad, you know you live in a civilization when you have to apply to get accessContinue reading “[HideHouseGarden] Access to Water: Applied for.”