Notes from the Sept. 2 Larson-Plale debate

Tonight was the third and probably final debate between state senate candidates Supervisor Chris Larson and incumbent state Senator Jeff Plale. It was held at the Humboldt Park Pavilion. The audience made up for its small size with its apparent devotion to the two candidates. A brief rundown of the questions that were asked; bearContinue reading “Notes from the Sept. 2 Larson-Plale debate”

New term of the day: Pay to-Plale

State Sentator Jeff Plale’s finance report keeps keeps turning up golden nugget after golden nugget of contributions from well-oiled corporate lobbying machines. Xoff has dubbed it Pay to Plale. Zach Dubya pointed out numerous donations from cable TV and coal company executives. And he pointed out the surprising-yet-not-surprising contributions from two top dogs from right-wingContinue reading “New term of the day: Pay to-Plale”

Tom Reynolds Comes Creeping Back — Complete With a PAC

Lisa Kaiser at (née Shepherd Express) brings word that our least-favorite right-wing legislator is trying to make a comeback by way of a political action committee (PAC) called Clean Sweep Wisconsin. Perhaps Reynolds has been emboldened by WMC’s success in placing two of its preferred candidates on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. According to theContinue reading “Tom Reynolds Comes Creeping Back — Complete With a PAC”