Which district are you in? Find out here.

If you are a Milwaukee County resident, this cryptically named but very useful county web site will tell you which districts you live in. Carefully enter your address piece by piece rather than all on one line, and you will learn your supervisory and alder(manic?) district, as well as your Congressional district, state assembly and senate districts, and finally, city ward. All good things to know at the voting booth.

You can then click on search results to try and find your representative’s information. To get contact information for anyone other than your county board rep will require a little further digging and clicking, but it can be done with a little patience.

My first endorsement(s)

I am delighted to report my first endorsement has come from Ken Mobile at Mobile’s Take. Thank you, sir!

A second endorsement comes from Zach at Blogging Blue. Thank you, too!

James Rowen also noticed this site and praises my aggressive use of the Internets. Thank you as well, though Daniel Cody deserves more credit on this. (I had once proposed building a series of tubes from the planned biodiesel plant on Jones Island to the biodiesel co-op. I’m still waiting to hear back from the city on that one.)

While you know you’re a 21st century candidate when you get bloggers endorsing you, and I am grateful for the support, this race will not be about having the best online strategy or the coolest video. It’s going to be about doing doors, talking to people, and asking for their vote. It’s going to be a lot of work. But I’m up for it.

If you can come down here to help gather signatures, join in a lit drop, or just want to meet me, please drop me a line.


[Note: This contains old copy from my campaign site.]

Jason Haas lives in Milwaukee’s south side neighborhood of Bay View.

Born in Kansas City, Jason fell in love with Milwaukee County when his family moved to here in 1984. Although his family moved away four years later, Jason never forgot about Milwaukee, and finally returned in 2005. He works as a communications assistant at CapTel, Inc. in downtown Milwaukee, and is a returning adult college student at UWM, completing undergraduate studies as a History major.

Jason is an active member of the Milwaukee community. He is a writer and photographer for the Bay View Compass, and serves on the board of the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op.  Above all, is the loving father of his five-year-old daughter Hari, with whom he enjoys Milwaukee County’s many beautiful parks and activities.

When Supervisor Richard Nyklewicz, Jr. announced he was not seeking reelection, Jason took advantage of the rare occasion of an open seat and threw his hat in the ring.  Jason sees his platform of Clean Government, Clean Air, and Clean Parks as something not just to be talked about, but acted on.  Please read Jason’s campaign platform for details on this exciting plan.

We’re going to have a primary.

Right now it’s looking like there will be a four-way race in the primary. I have heard of least three other candidates, only one of whom is currently visible. We will know for sure who’s in when all the candidacy declaration papers are in. I’m excited, as a crowded primary really makes you work for your seat. Which is what I’ll be doing – running hard and working hard to get votes. May the best candidates win!

Also, I met another candidate for the 17th district, currently represented by Dan Devine. There already was  a challenger, so there certainly will be a primary in that district as well as the 14th. Also, the county executive’s seat has a total of four challengers so far. To say the least, it will be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Jason Haas: Candidate for Milwaukee County Board

It’s a rare thing for a seat on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to open up. And it’s time for me to run for the seat.

Hello, my name’s Jason Haas, and I am running for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors 14th district seat on Milwaukee’s south side.

My campaign will be centered around Clean Government, Clean Air, and Clean Parks. These are all things I’ve talked about for a long time, and it’s time to do something about it and make them happen. Fiscal responsibility, good parks, and cleaner transit are things that ensure a high quality of life here in Milwaukee County. That’s what I will be fighting for on the county board.

You can help me make Milwaukee a little bit better, and so I ask for your help on my campaign. You don’t have to live in the district to help. Please call me at 414-431-8559, or e-mail campaign@haas414.org, and I will tell you how you can help.

Last, the primary election is on February 19, 2008. And the spring election that decides the winner is on April 1, 2008.

Thank you,

Jason Haas