{x + 11} DotW; virtual meetings, keys misplaced, exponential messes

Hola amigos, I know it’s been a while since rapped at ya, but man things have just been whack over here since this shitdog Corona virus started kicking ass. One of my coworkers at the old gas station as telling me about it, and I was like, yeah! I mean, if it’s a Corona virus,Continue reading “{x + 11} DotW; virtual meetings, keys misplaced, exponential messes”

Day {x + 9} of The Weird is the new normal

It looks like the next meeting of the county government’s Board of Supervisors will proceed via an online meeting. I need to get that set up for myself by next Thursday morning. At this rate, that feels like it’s two weeks away, rather than just five days. Because time dilution got really bad right beforeContinue reading “Day {x + 9} of The Weird is the new normal”

The Weird Starts to Gets Worse

The little deadly virus is spreading, fast, exactly as predicted by U.S. Government experts who were summarily ignored by the Trump Administration. Well done, guys. Very. Well. Done. Who could possibly have seen that coming? Anyway. With that gobsmackingly dense bit of business out of the way, let us discuss a far more sanguine matter:Continue reading “The Weird Starts to Gets Worse”

Dat meetin was a doozy

Day {x+2} of The Weird It’s quite something to be part of a government that’s actively responding to the #novelcoronavirus. At the same time, I remember how I described the running for the County Board back in 2010: “It’s what you want it to be.” (Note the clever Sugar reference; 88.9 RadioMilwaukee even picked itContinue reading “Dat meetin was a doozy”