2016 Milwaukee County Parks Traveling Beer Gardens Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Milwaukee County Parks Traveling Beer Gardens! Here it is in PDF format. Holler Park is in the 14th district, which I represent. The permanent Humboldt Park Beer Garden and South Shore Park Terrace, and Estabrook Park Beer Garden, will all be reopening, dates TBD.

County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]

The (mostly?) temporary  closure of the Mitchell Park Domes due to safety concerns is old news by now. This is a direct result of the deferred maintenance that has plagued the Milwaukee County Parks System for far too many years now — and I argue deferred maintenance is a direct cause of the tragedy at O’Donnell ParkContinue reading “County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]”

Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park

One of the most satisfying elements of my job as a county supervisor has been working with my neighbors to create Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park. This wonderful biannual event fills a tiny triangular park with hundreds of people who buy freshly prepared food from over a dozen food trucks along the park perimeter. Food TruckContinue reading “Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park”

Walking workers back after the one-day strike

Today, I walked a dozen fast food workers back to their jobs the day after they had participated in the one-day strike for a living wage and the right to organize without retaliation. And certainly, I was not alone. We made dozens of trips in large vans over the course of the day, accompanying workersContinue reading “Walking workers back after the one-day strike”

Detroit, not Rome, is burning

Nothing like it when you consider that an arsonist has set eleven abandoned properties ablaze in the past month. Or that there were “6,486 arson fires in 2008 investigated by the Arson Squad,” according to the Detroit News. This line rings a bell for me: “[Detroit] fire and city officials [are] worried as Halloween nears,Continue reading “Detroit, not Rome, is burning”

Capper gets love from Sykes

Aww, he really likes you, Capper! What’s really amusing is to read the comments. They’re all from people that have never met Chris or have a clue what he’s actually about. But when something is chanelled through the filters of the hard right, especially the champion of women rights that is Charlie Sykes, it takesContinue reading “Capper gets love from Sykes”

Welcome back, Tarik!

Tarik (aka The Architect) has been a mainstay at Radio Milwaukee for much of the station’s history. For the past year or so, he had been deployed to Iraq with the Army Reserve. But, while coming home from Transfer tonight, I heard a familiar voice on 88.9, and practically shouted to myself, “Is that Tarik?!”Continue reading “Welcome back, Tarik!”

JSOnline: “Long-dormant greenhouses again bloom life into cemetery”

As Will Allen, the creator of Milwaukee’s aquaculture urban ag renaissance, said in an article in today’s Journal Sentinel, “Urban agriculture is about finding places where people wouldn’t think of to grow food.” Witness the brilliant reuse of inactive greenhouses. Under Will Allen’s guidance, the greenhouses will grow both fish and vegetables through the aquacultureContinue reading “JSOnline: “Long-dormant greenhouses again bloom life into cemetery””